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Which side of the pipe...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dopethrone420, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. you like the carb on? I prefer the left, I like to cover the carb with my thumb.
  2. I like it at the end :)

  3. Like the centre of the bowl? Or something about preferring not having a carb?
  4. left side best side bruh
  5. i like my carb on the um.right? i think. to high to think of whcih way is write or left
  6. Do you mean in a bong? Then on the left too bro :smoking:

    I thought you meant in a pipe

  7. well it does say which side of the "pipe"
  8. gotta be left

  9. Woops my bad. I've never come across a pipe with a left or right sided carb. Always been right at the end whenever I see them in stores.
  10. Left. Have to light with my right.
  11. left but im really baked so i voted right by accident
  12. I like my shot gun on the left side.

    Most people are right handed holding with left and have their thumb over the shotgun.
    In my area that is.
  13. On the right. I hold it in my left had, light with the right and hold my index finger over the hole on the right.
  14. Left, hold it with my left hand with my thumb over it and light it with my right hand
  15. you forgot a option...front:smoke:

  16. I would have put it on, but I've never seen a pipe with a carb on the front.
  17. Left side so I can masturbate with the right.
  18. I voted both, I've had left and righted handed carbed pipes, I just learned how to light a lighter with my left hand real well, and got a good sense of judgment on when to use my thumb to cover the carb or my index finger. Hint, it depends on the shape, oOoOoOh

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