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which should I buy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RedBull13, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. I can either get an eighth of mids for 30 bucks or an eighth of kush for 60 bucks i dont know which to get. What do you think?
  2. how bout a quarter of mids for 60 bucks?
  3. wtf is this shitty thread. Seriously?
  4. Go with the 'Kush' boss man
  5. [quote name='"X_x"']wtf is this shitty thread. Seriously?[/quote]

    If you dont like it then dont post on it and move on
  6. [quote name='"frankenfish"']how bout a quarter of mids for 60 bucks?[/quote]

    I wont be smoking that much in the next few months so i dont really need that much
  7. well then the kush for sure
  8. Quality>quantity

    Unless you're really low on cash, get the good stuff.
  9. If you smoke a lot of joints/blunts get mids if you vape or smoke out of a pipe or bong get dank
  10. i say get the mids, theyll still get you high, and you can have twice as much as the kush, which means you will be high for twice as long

  11. rookie.
  12. never buy mid
  13. [quote name='"Sir Ganja"']never buy mid[/quote]

  14. because dank gets you higher... x10
  15. how you know the kush is dank? dank is dank. kush doesnt mean its dank. fuck that lingo
  16. [quote name='"livinlifebro"']how you know the kush is dank? dank is dank. kush doesnt mean its dank. fuck that lingo[/quote]

    It's dank Kush
  17. What strain of 'kush' lol
  18. Kush means the same exact thing as dank in a lot of places. It may be wrong but it's just what people say.
  19. OP, How much money do you have all together?
  20. [quote name='"Medical Regs"']OP, How much money do you have all together?[/quote]

    I have like 130 but both deals fell through fucking drought in the state i live right now theres nothing

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