Which shoes ?

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    Nike air max 2011 $125


    Ugg ascot leather slippers $100
  2. Nike air max 2011
  3. Witch shoes:

  4. slippers are ugly as fuck. definitely the am's
  5. The nikes of course
  6. wtf the nikes look like little kid light up shoes.

    get the slippers swaggger
  7. yeah i really really like the new air max, but the slippers are boss too. i can get 30 percent off the air max, or 20 percent off the uggs.

    i just bought some zigzag dynamics and i didnt really want 2 running shoes but the air max 2011 are sick!!! i really wanted the lebron sprites but they are sold out
  8. Nikes dude but id go back a couple years and not cop the 2011s
  9. How do the two of these even compare as options, two totally different styles... But I'd say the nikes unless your intended use is primarily around the house. Them uggs look like they would have your feet burnin up.
  10. Get the nike's man. Those look comfy as fuck for whatever situation you're in.

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