Which setup is best for my indoor hydro grow?

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  1. I have posted two diagrams for a potential setup.
    which one is the better setup? 
    Why? Thoughts? Changes?
    Thanks alot for your help guys !


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  2. Neither.  Vent beginning from top of box, route to side of box and in through 1 side of the hood. Out through the other side of the hood, then box, then fan, then filter.
  3. Have filter and fan both in grow area.  Filter<Ducting<Fan<Ducting<Hood<Ducting<Out.
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    the first looks good but reverse the air flow so u r pulling the hot air away from the light
  5. none of the above. Filter->Light->Fan. have the fan pulling through everything. if you can do 2x fans, do filter->fan->light->fan.
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    Neither, as dishphead said above.. Filter-hood-fan.. It's a debatable topic because some people will say that the heat will destroy the fan if it's after the hood but I don't agree, never had an issue.. Also, the fan after the hood will negate any leaks from the seams due to the negative pressure..
  7. HAHAHA. Sorry guys, I just cracked up seeing 5 posts all saying "not what he just said, do this."
  8. Pulling the air through the filter is the only priority.
  9. How about using an LED light?Sent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. do your research. but yeah, LEDs are becoming a feasible means by which to grow.
  11. How's your credit? Your gonna need a loan ;) ... If you want a decent one anyways..
  12. a loan? Are you serious? I dont know how big this guy's grow is but LED lights are inexpensive. Add a reduction into your electricity bill into the LED equation as well.
    Do What research dishphead? LEDs have been proven to work. Let's left to research?
  13. I'd really reccomend the PS4 man.
  14. I have no filter due to secure grow. I have two computer fans I want to use as intake:hood(cooltube):exuast fan. Any objections??Sent from my XT1055 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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