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Which seeds? First time grower.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Seany, May 27, 2009.

  1. First time grower here, and I need some advice on seeds to buy.

    Since I'm growing indoors, I would like a strain that doesn't smell much. This the most important thing! Other than that, there are just minor things I would like. For instance, I like to be semi functional when I smoke, so which would be better? More Sativa? Or more Indica? Which is easier to grow? Keep in mind it's my first grow, but I have been doing lots of reading about it. But my experience would tell me that Sativa is better for being functional since it affects the body more than the mind, but it's also harder to grow, isnt it?

    Basically, I'm looking for a reccomendation. I'm in Canada, so a reccomendation of where to buy the seeds (online is cool) would be good too. A friend of mine who's a member here told me about Dr. Chronic and how he got his seeds from there.

    Thanks for the tips!
  2. attitudeseedbank is always good. Go with a 50/50 indica sativa strain or anywhere around there. If you grow a sativa dominant strain it'll stretch a lot during flowering, and takes longer to flower.

    White widow would be perfect.
  3. i have heard alot of good things about attitude and am going to be ordering the auto flowering ak47xlowrider 2. but ya hes right bout stativias, the general openion of the canibus comunity is that stativias are much taller than indica, they are lanky unlike bushy indica strains, they have a more of an uppity high rather than the famous indica couch lock. stativias in general are supposed to be more complicated and harder to grow (easier to fuck shit up). as far as smell goes almost every strain is gona smell like dank delicious bud when it flowers, you can do some looking on the seed banks you may find the jackpot and get one that doesnt smell as much. or a better way to fix the solution is a carbon filter which will allow you to grow what ever you want. use the search bar to look for carbon scrubbers and your mysteries will become clear. happy growing :)
  4. you might want to try Northern Lights. It has low odor and its indica so it will stay low and bushy
  5. This may sound stupid, but most of you talked negatively about Sativas because they grow tall. Why is this is a bad thing? Is it because yield on Sativas is generally lower? Does bushy mean more yield?
  6. ya im not saying sativias are bad, some of the best strains are mostly sativia. but yes the bushier a plant is the more crown buds it will have. also more bracnhes = more bud sites on those banches. you can make sativias bushy by the way you prune the plant. do a search for topping and LSTing you will find a great deal of info out there.
  7. Alright, got it. So far I've got one reccomendation for a low odour strain: northern lights. Also, someone mentioned carbon filters. Just how effective are they in your peoples experience? How well has it been able to get rid of (or mask) the smell? And would you be able to rely on a carbon filter during the drying period?
  8. Carbon filters are the best thing since sliced bread. They get rid of at least 95% of the smell, which is nearly all of it. The drying period is best when it works. During veg, you will get more of an odor leak than during flowering or drying, the high humidity during veg clogs the active carbon pours, and a little smell will get through, but nothing that an airfreshener wont help.
  9. For a small indoor/personal stash set-up, the AK-47/LR would be a good choice. They stay relatively small and the smell doesn't get overwhelmingly strong. But any strain (either indica or sativa) can be "pushed" towards either the couchlock high or the able-to-function high by harvesting depending on trich conditions.
  10. Skunk #1
    Power plant
    white widow

    all very easy to grow. AK47 is vertually indestructible..

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