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Which ROOR for $300?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gustie09, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Alright, I've decided I want a roor bong. I am familiar with roors and have hit them in the past but never owned one. I want a daily driver that can take it up a notch and make the n00bs cry if need be. I would like to keep the total cost of the bong and accessories plus shipping to the states under $300.

    I had my heart set on the Little Sista Icemaster 5.0 "Green Goblin", which is just a 5mm little sista with a green lable, but wonder whether the 5.0 is worth the money over the 3.2 Little Sista which can be had for $100 cheaper.

    I think I like the beaker shaped bongs, but have never hit a beaker shaped roor, only a tube. Which style is prefered? I am not opposed to a straight tube, the beakers just seemed more interesting.

    Accesories are another thing, I know I need to get a diffuser, but is there anything else that is a must with my first roor? I've heard some about carbon filters but am not quite sure about them. I don't think I'm in the market for an ash catcher quite yet but may add one on later.

    Alright, that was kinda long. Basically, which roor should I get for under $300 including about $50 shipping and should I go for a thicker bong or more accessories?

    Also, which is the best site to order from, seems like a pretty good site, anybody have experience with them. I've also heard good things about and shipping roors to america.

  2. man that thing is sick, but honestly, I just want a good solid smooth hitting roor on a budget.
  3. You could get a no name brand bong exactly like a roor for $100-$150usd. Just look around. This was $110. Its pretty thick too. Got a little dirty cause i didnt always have that ash catcher on it. Those roors dont seem to come with an ice catcher, so if u want to keep your bong clean you will end up buying one. ITs gonna get dirty as hell with that slider. I think i paid like $30 for the slider on mine. I dunno...I just think its pointless to get a roor since they make bongs that are the exact same thing but $200 cheaper. My friend has a straight tube roor and its an exact copy of mine but its like 2" bigger.

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  4. I would suggest the icemaster 5.0, I know its a bit out of your price range its 290 canadian for just the bong but its nice and thick plus its the perfect height and has ice notches, I have been eyeing one for a while but I want to wait until I move out until I make my purchase.
  5. Go to a headshop and buy a perculated blows those others out of the water :smoke:

  6. I would love to but I live in MN where ROORs in headshops are scarce. Basically I am limited to buying a german roor online, which I guess I'm okay with because I kinda would like to have one of the "real" roors from germany anyway (not that US roors aren't real, I just know they are a separate division entirely).

    Also, I don't want a knock off, I have 8 different various pieces of glass ranging from little chillums all the way to bubblers, all are inside-out, thick-ass glass. Basically, I am familiar with quality glass want the real thing, even if it is just the name. Unfortunately, I don't have a rediculous amount of money to spend on some sick bong so I have decided to get an entry level roor. Hopefully it will be worth my money.

    Thanks for the Icemaster 5.0 suggestion, it actually is cheaper than the "Green Goblin" so it is actually right in my price range, I just wouldn't be able to load up on accessories like a carbon filter or extra bowls. Any advantage to the Icemaster 5.0 over the Little Sista models?

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