Which Pre-Cooler Would You Guys Suggest?

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  1. My most recent attachment for my piece broke, unfortunately, but this puts me in the market for a new Ash-catcher (or Pre-cooler, I've never been able to tell the difference). I need a 90, 18mm joint, and the clearer the better, I've never been much for logos or colors on my pieces. I previously had the D-Fuze triple disc perc (pictured) and would gladly buy another if I can't find something better. I also came across the Grav Labs  90º Phoenix Ash Catcher while browsing (also pictured), and am considering it as well. So long as I stay around the price of the D-Fuze piece ($125) price is not an issue, as I have been paid back for the piece. Any suggestions or favorites I may have missed? Thanks


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  2. i am usually biased to showerhead ashcatchers because i loove that diffusion style, im sure they have a few 90 degree'ers, i know from other blades and reviews that those phoenix ash catchers are quite good.
  3. Grav labs all the way. The phoenix is a nice addition

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