Which Percolator Do I Get? Need High Quality Is Not An Issue

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  1. Ok guys so i already have a double 10 arm percolator with ashcatcher..
    Im looking for something bettter.. more filtration.. $$ PRICE Is not an issue i want the BEST!
    Here is what I'm looking at.... Which one do you guys think is BEST? Or what other percs do u know of that might be better?  I like the idea of a Double or Triple Inline stem Percolator also.
    . i found some triple inline percs but the one only had a single 10 arm Tree perc above the inline.. was hoping for more percs than that... would be awesome to see a Three Stem inline perc, with double 24 Arm Tree percs!!!
    Im not exactly sure which percs are the best but my double 10 arm is great.. looking to filter the smoke out a bit more as i have bad allergies , lately ive had much more allergic reactions to bud than i ever had in my life... weird.
    I already have a  Vape , the pax which is awesome!
    ive eliminated bowls and joints alltogether...
    Of course im also looking to possibly add an ascatcher with further percolation to whatever choice i make..
     REHAB DOUBLE 24 ARM PERCOLATOR with Double Stem Inline Percolator $995
    I really like this one but it seems a bit tall for my liking.. my 21" is already hard enough to clear, this one is 27".. but i like the amount of percolation in it...
    Now this REHAB photos are hard to see but it doesnt seem to have  Two True arms that are the full
    length of the Inline PERC.. it seems that it has two but each only takes up about half of the inline perc?
    its hard to seee from the photos but that seems kind of WACK to me.. its claiming DOUBLE INLINE PERCS.. i would want two full lenth inline tubes next to each other.. this seems kinda sketchy on that note.. especially being that they have the same bong but single inline perc for much less $$..
    here it is http://www.just4smokers.com/rehab-double-24-arm-tree-perc-with-inline-perc-straight-water-pipe/
    I also noticed they have a custom HEADY version of this 54 Arm Perc but have not seen it for sale anywhere.. any idea where i could find more LUKE WILSON Glass?
    I kinda like this one too, especially for the fact that its not too TALL..
    \t<span>Mothership Large Fabrege Egg</span>  $1500\thttps://store.kultureva.com/mothership-large-fabrege-egg/dp/12062now the Mothership EGG with the "RECYCLER" percolator.. is that a better perc than the two i listed above? IT claims to have about 90 Holes for diffusion.... also more $$  Looks pretty sick just confused as to how exactly it works..  it says it has "EGG OF LIFE PERCS"
    Any other ideas or suggestions of other better percolators please let me know guys!!

  2. maybe you have a tree perc fetish, but there's waaaay better percs out there, especially for the prices you're throwing around. look at mobius, sg, toro, david goldstein, and stuff like that. if money is not an issue then you can go as big as you want
  3. Well thats why I asked.. im not an expert.. I thought the more arms, diffusion holes and the more percolators the better??
    Not too familiar with what type of percs are best etc.
    the double 10 arm perc with ashcatcher is my 1st percolator. It was a cheap one from bongoutlet.ca but actually pretty decent for the price. paid like $180
  4. No, not the case.
    It's really preference.  More diffusion = more air = airy hits and less taste.  I think it's just an American mentality...bigger and more = better.  It seems like thats all people talk about nowadays...."oh look at how high this stacks bubbles".....oh wait, I thought I was trying to smoke some herb and not blow bubbles (I can go put soap in my bong if I want to look at bubbles all day.)  There are so many other qualities to a water pipe that contributes to a good experience other than just how many freakin bubbles I can blow on a water test.
    Unfortunately we are dealing with a good that is non-returnable so you really don't know how much you personally will like a piece until you put some THC through it.  My advice, if you are going to shell out $$$ on glass, get stuff that you can resell or trade if you find out you aren't a big fan of a certain piece.  I have 2 sg pillars, a mothership egg, goldstein frittered perc.  These 4 pieces I can sell for almost retail or trade for some good glass.
    If you want maximum filtration look at a frittered perc.  The disc is made out of a bunch of shattered glass all melded together forming hundreds if not thousands of holes for filtration.  I'm pretty sure I have a video I could email to you, I won't put myself up on youtube so that's the best I can do.  I don't have a vid of a pillar hit or the fab egg yet but if I have to smoke pot all afternoon to make vids for you...I will make the sacrifice haha.
    Fab eggs....good luck finding one online in a shop.  They are like sov pillars, if a shop gets them in online, they sell out in minutes.  The price of this is probably due to how hard it is to make one.  It's not a simple swiss perc with a disc and holes pushed through.  It actually diffuses less than the 350 dollar Goldstein I have but more chug and more taste.  Same with the sov pillar, good diffusion and taste.  But for max diffusion the Goldstein I have diffuses more than any other piece I have regardless of price.
  5. Dammit if you have $1500 to spend on a bong then you can surely afford to buy me a quarter pound of Dank. What state do you live in?
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    daily drivers i like are  -Dave Goldstein - 16" Straight with Fritted Disc Perc
    -Apix Design 13" king stelmine (would actually prefer one a bit bigger than the 13" i have)
    or the taller version of this sheldon black
    im sure there are better tubes but those are 3 i have personally used on a daily basis and really enjoyed and all are under $500
  7. man that <span>Mothership Large Fabrege Egg</span> seems really nice.. i almost wana get that one now that ive seen how it works.. every single store is sold out online... So do u guys like the Mothership EGG or the RECYCLER better? THey both look great..
    look at the video..
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    Mothership is in very very high demand.  They are sending out to a lot of brick shops across the country.  I went into my lhs today to do water tests on some toro micros and they just got their shipment.  Unfortunately they were still unboxing.  I picked up a toro 7/13 micro with the mighty mucous color.
    I prefer the egg though I have not used a torus.  Only thing I'm basing this preference on is the appearance of the piece.  I might go back to my lhs and water test a torus tomorrow.
    This is one of the mothership pieces they got in...F'in sick but super $$$.  I think it was either 5k or7k.
  9. Peyote pillar or stem8

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    honestly it seems like your looking for just smoothness so....
    You want a double chamber tube..
    apix is out of the question because they are only single chamber and while they are super good...still won't compare to a nice double chamber.
    The ones you seem to like are all tree percs...there cool and all but badly made ones produce a lot of smoke giving you a stale hit doing the opposite of what you want, same with having all those damn percs.
    So you really want a double chamber with no drag...
    That leaves with you any of the higher end brand double chambers..
    Like....Toro tree/circ piece, or maybe a sov stem8 if you can find one...
    I really like Itza, i had a circ/8 and it was amazing... I'd take it over a toro IMO because I like itzas circ better. But they are basically the same...
    I mean there are tons of options then will give you a great smooth hit... Just look for a nice double chamber that you seem to like and post it here..
    if money is no issue just go on A L T and  browse around till you find something catches your eye, and we'll let you know how it is:)
  11. I think the circ-circ offers up more filtration than a tree-circ.
    I still think nothing is as filtered as a frittered perc design.  It has far more holes for filtration than anything else.
    Anywho here are some suggestions
    1. Frittered perc - Dave Goldstein (I think others make em, but the DG is most common) 
    2. Mobius StereoMatrix 400-500$ 
    3.  Olympic glass - horizon helix 600-700 
    4.  Toro circ to circ (or similar like circ to froth) 500-800
    You can add ashcatcher with perc, carbon or cotton filters, or vape through a water pipe
    Can you fill a balloon with the pax?  If so, they make glass on glass adaptors for the easy valve volcano bags.  I use the volcano to fill a bag and then suck it through my fab egg.
  12. i think mogwi explained it the best considering u want the best.. trees as peiple has said is super old tech they good but theres tons of newer better out there.. mothership is new to the game but they kill it i lov em but pricey but most use em for concentrates,, but i have toros n mothership they both work good for flowers really what u like the best.. 
  13. Oh so you did pick up the mothership....NICE.   which one did you end up getting?  I remember you were looking at torus and fab egg.  Sigh....I really think I might end up picking up a torus soon....such a stupid financial decision for me but damn....gotta get these things when you can cause when they a local shop sells out they are hard to find online.
  14. I am consideringt he MOTHERSHIP EGG, but I use mostly FLOWERS.. is that a oil rig or regular flower bowl on the mothership?
    I like the Sovereignity peyote pillar as well the $1100 one.... only issue is getting a hold of one of these! all SOLD OUT online..
    I called ALT but they wont let me reserve one .. wtf and they said they wont email me when its in stock so i basically gota keep calling or checking the site every day.. he said they get them in every 3-4 weeks.
    What about Inline percolators are those considered OLD technology just like Tree Percs??
    I also was looking at SYN Bongs they look well built, very thick, the Double or Triple shower head.. are those any good? check the link..
    Or am I better off with SG peyote pillar or Mothership Egg?
    I think the mothership egg looks cool as hell but im more concerned with the most filtration, and smoothest hit.
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    I Wouldn't say either of those tubes are for you if you really want MAX(sacrificing on other aspects a bit.) diffusion. The most diffused single perc, and arguably the most diffused period is a fritted disc. Either by DG or Custom. The stem 8 will also be right there with the fritted disc, but of course thats a double chamber tube. The pillar and the Mothership shit on ALOT of glass on diffusion alone, but their selling point is really how much they diffuse while retaining flavor.
    Fritted, no brainer if you want a single perc tube.
    Stem 8 close second, or first, depending who you ask.
    Edit: Imo toro's circ to *whatever* should not be over looked.
    If you want great filtration over taste then get something that stacks bubbles (like we've said over and over again...frittered perc, no taste but smooth) or any of the other ones listed...just go youtube them.
    If you want good filtration and taste (not as smooth but more flavor) then look at something like the sov pillar.  The small egg is really a concentrate piece and if you have trouble finding pillars...good luck finding large fab eggs.
    Of course ALT isn't going to take reservations, they want people to keep checking their site.  By the time they emailed you that pillars were in stock...they'd be out of stock.  If you aren't subscribed to their rss feed, you probably aren't going to get one.

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