Which part of your face grew hair first?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The Crunge, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. We've all been through puberty (hopefully), and most of us can grow facial hair.

    My sideburns came first, then my chin, then my upper lip.
  2. peach fuzz on the upper lip fasho
  3. I'm 24 and I still.can't grow proper facial hair

    But it was my upper lip I think
  4. Mustache, then bit on the bottom lip (like a flavor saver), later connected to my chin and then sideburns.
  5. I didn't think sideburns counted as facial hair, unless they're some bitchin' mutton chops.


    But if they do, then I followed the same pattern as you.
  6. Same here :gone:
  7. You're so fucking close to your 10,000th post man.
  8. yeah i know im mad excited :yay:
  9. Upper lip, side burns, chin, cheeks, under lips.
  10. Upper lip first, chin second, sideburns are yet to be found. Maybe soonish. Who knows.
  11. You already had it.....Cheater!


    and my right below my bottom lip, then my upper lip, then the beard.

    ive got a beard right meow.
  12. It's weird how everyone's facial hair has grown differently.
  13. Eyebrows son! got that shit 22 weeks into my mommas pregnancy

  14. Fucking wow
  15. I had a good looking 'stache long before any of my classmates; my 15 minutes of fame.
  16. stash bro ;)
  17. My ears..i have that Benjamin Button thing going on
  18. Upper lip, then chin, and somewhat sideburns. I still can't grow my burns out
  19. Forgot the neck-beard as a choice!

    I could grow a pretty decent neck beard that connected to the hair on the back of my neck before I was able to really grow much of anything above the jaw-line.
  20. My balls grew hair first

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