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    im thinking of formatting my pc because of some problems. i dont know if i should step completely into linux or stay with windows or do both. im kinda gettin tired of windows and this computer sucks for games so thats not an issue (linux isnt too great for gaming). ive been using ubuntu a bit and i kinda like it. gimmie your opinions fellow stoners
  2. Windows Vista? it isn't all that bad really. I used to be pretty hard-core about using XP over Vista but I was forced to buy a new harddrive and install Vista X64. It's not that bad!
  3. dont go vista........sure it looks nice but its going to hog your memory, especially if your computer aint half descent. If you arent playing games on it just use ubuntu.....you can do the same shit and its free. gl
  4. Don't get Vista no matter what you do.
    I'd say Mac Os X, but I can see how that might not be a viable solution for everyone. I was a hardcore linuxer, debian and ubuntu are still the best in my opinion, and dual boot makes life easy.

    So I'd say allocate some space for you XP drive so you can play games and run win-only stuff. The rest to Ubuntu.
  5. yea im talkin bout XP, no vista here
  6. Dual-boot man!! That way you can choose which OS you want to use on start up. Definitely start with Ubuntu to get accustomed to linux. Once you feel comfortable, you can check out all of the other distros available. Dual-booting is pretty simple, too, so there shouldn't be any problems.

    Make the switch!
  7. Dual Boot. It's the way to go.
  8. the only reason im questioning the dual boot is because my hard drive is like 88gb. not too much space.i dual booted before with wubi. ill prolly just ending up dual
  9. Linux or Dual-boot.
  10. I've never liked ubuntu, but that's just my opinion. I'd go with XP.
  11. im mostly attracted to ubuntu because its free. whats a better distro?
  12. Honestly, the spectrum has changed quite a bit, and the only distro's that I trust are debian (and ubuntu) & gentoo.

  13. I use Ubuntu and I dual-boot with Windows XP, its great. I don't really use the Windows that much, but I decided to install it (first I made a clean install of Ubuntu, with no Windows, and I found that Wine, although great, isn't perfect, and I needed the real thing sometimes). Ubuntu is so fast compared to Windows, never lags, stops or crashes, starts in a second, doesn't get viruses, and everything is free (money-wise at least). You may not have much room on either of the partitions if you dual-boot, so if you need alot of space, and don't need to use Windows programs or games, then you should go for the full out Ubuntu, and get rid of Windows if you need more than 40GB on each partition (probably less on Windows) that you could use...
  14. what distro would be best? is debian better than ubuntu? i know ubuntu is derived from debian, is debian better?
  15. Ubuntu has more frequent updates, and a more active community dedicated to fixes and improvements, and its also the most user-friendly.
    soo easy to hack
    it the most shitty os i ever used
  17. I'd have to go with a OSx86 like Kalyway, but only if you have an intel processor. You can use an AMD but you can't run some programs with it.
  18. what he said.

    debian is for true n3rdg33ks who like c0mm4ndl1n3 and dont bother with useless senses such as visual interfaces. 0101101.
  19. heh ok. ill stick with ubuntu.
    do you think maybe 10 gb would be a decent size for windows partition?

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