which one??????????

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  1. ok i have the choice to put an engine in a 73 ford ranger, or a 73 cj5 jeep, leaf spings under the aaxles , on 33s. Which one should i do?????
  2. jeep , summer time = fun
  3. Engine and transmission combination is a large factor in making that decision. What engine and what tranny?
  4. cj5 - prob a 304 v8 and manual tranny
  5. go with the cj

    even though i drive an 87 bronco, i would still go with the cj option here
  6. i am going with the 258 inline 6 for the jeep, 3 speed on floor. The 73 ranger is a 302 or a 351, it is also three speed on the floor
  7. cj, shorter wheelbase = less bottoming out/tighter turning radius.
  8. i've got a jeep cherokee that i love. my vote is for the jeep

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