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which of these should I buy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SkysDaLimit420, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. standup bubbler

    inline bubbler

    Would one of them be smoother then the others? They're all by the same blower.
  2. Ask the blower?

    As we haven't smoked those exact pieces.
  3. im just asking for advice from you all. I'm leaning towards the mini bong, but i've never used an inline bubbler so idk what its like
  4. That inline bub looks sick!
    It also looks like the highest quality out of the three.
  5. Well then you're going to be getting answers based on looks!

    I'd pick inline bubbler even tho I hate bubblers, better than mini bong that splashes bong water in your mouth.

    In any case, those are all nice looking pieces.
  6. mini bong for sure :bongin:

    chuck a poll in bro, should make it easier
  7. inline is more unique and is better at diffusing due to the multiple holes, so i would go with that

  8. I Agree , Mini Bong Will Splash Nasty Bong Water In Your Mouth . I Would Personally Go With The Inline Bubbler Looking Like The Best Quality Out Of The Three .
    Happy Toking :smoke:
  9. Go for the mini bong
  10. I'd probably go for the inline, the other bubbler is a grommet and those things suck. The inline will also have better diffusion then the minibong, and I doubt the minibong holds that much more water.
  11. Inline bubbler. It's by far the sickest looking choice.

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