which of these 3 cards should I pick?

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  1. try ebay,might find some great deals..
  2. The one from Newegg

  3. All of them are from newegg

    and also I prefer newegg, because they are more reliable than ebay and tend to actually have better deals
  4. thats the best deal i saw for your price range. check tiger direct to they sometimes have better deals than newegg but are usually more expensive
  5. yeah, tiger direct can sometimes have better deals but newegg has better shipping
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    im going based on speed and power vram is not my main concern as I am using a 16" monitor on 1280x1024.

    edit: Im gonna go with the 5670 1gb cause it has equivalent speed to the 512 gddr5 5670 but has more VRAM.
  7. good choice dude thats what i said i thought lol :confused_2:
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    dude u shoulda tryed to get and extra 50

    Newegg.com - GIGABYTE GV-R695OC-1GD Radeon HD 6950 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card

    one of the smoothest cards ive ever ran. its over clocked all the way and never exceeds 57c runs crysis 2 on max settings 70-150 fps mostly at like 120

    i wish i woulda got a 2 gig card :( but i guess ill just have to crossfire when i get money from christmas:smoke:
  10. too huge

    my psu wouldnt run that

    im pretty pleased with my purchase

    I wanted a powerful card that wasn't a powerhog and didn't have heating issues
  11. dude im only running a 550 watt with a 1090t and i have more then enough if i was to crossfire id uprgrade to probably like 600-700 you dont need as much power as you think you do. you just cant go with a cheap psu

    and dude talking about huge its litterally my hand and forearm but shit happens lol
  12. yeah. that card wouldn't fit or run cool in my case

    i have bigger plans, its just going to have to come 1 piece at a time..

    i plan on making a new computer but if anything ill crossfire another one of these 6870s .. this card is boss

    soon ill figure out what motherboard to buy.. then an i7 processor.. a nice cooler master case i got eyeballed.. and as you said never go cheap i always go corsair on my power supplies i'd prolly get like a 800+ though for my new rig
  13. Haha honestly I know you Gunna label me as a fanboy but I'd honestly go with amd bulldozer and get eather the six core one or the eight IMO for price it's pretty competitive.

    For 800 I'm pretty fit with my mid end gaming rig it's FAST lol my 1090ts over clocked to 4.1 :)

  14. should have gotten a 5770 or 6770

  15. ok you realize I bought a 6870 right?

    better than both cards you mentioned

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