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Which MMJ states will ease up??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by grasscitylurker, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I want to retire to a mmj state in a few years. Im not in one at the moment, and hate I it.

    First I was looking at Colorado but then figured out I could only grow for 5 people plus myself unless I jump through a bunch of hoops.. So started looking at cali.. Friggin expensive and I hate earthquakes..

    So back to my original question.. Is it just a matter of time before the mmj state laws become more and more lax? More like cali.. which to me, looks like having a good chance of legalizing weed.. Will Michigan ease up? Will new jersey always be the worst place to be trying to use mmj card? my apologies if your in NJ.. Will any states get worse? Will Iowa finally recognize mmj and would I qualify and not have to leave?

    I just want to retire to a place where I can choose how to medicate myself and help out some unfortunate people if they need help. For free of course.. I like the outdoors.. motorcycles, skiing hiking camping, but do not want to be in the middle of no where.. I Need to get to town within 1/2 hr.

  2. Cool.. But I dont see Iowa on that list..
  3. Oregon sounds like a good place...i don't know much about the medical scene there but i went to visit my who lives in Salem and there's a lot of people who smoke up there. They also get really nice buds never saw any schwagg. There's a lot of nature and shit still there good for people who like the outdoors and compared to Cali isn't expensive at all.

    That is if you don't mind freezing your balls off during the winter :p
  4. I will agree with you.. I hear Eugene is nice.

    I'm used to freezing my balls off, but its the snow shoveling which really gets me.

    Thing is.. Oregon/Washington are on the ring of fire as is cali. No thanks..
    Major West Coast Volcanoes Washington Oregon and California Map

    I guess waiting until I actually retire in 10-15 years would be the sure thing. But It's a buyers market now.. Tempted to buy something up in Detroit or Ann Arbor and hope the laws and economy turn around by the time I get there.
  5. Ya there is a potential for Oregon to Become a burning pit of fire but really I lived there most of my life and only remember one really bad earth quake. It was the one when decimated Cali.

    And I only remember one volcano going of in my life time. Mt. St. Hellens. And the tec for early warning of that stuff is a lot better now.

    So it's not that bad. In fact I'm moving back. I miss Oregon so much. I'm living in Iowa now and am not fond of it. :( Too much snow.
  6. Move to Colorado man. You get all the perks of the west (aside from the ocean) plus we have a very strong community out here. If you're the outdoor type you'll find a ton of people who share that joy. The living cost here is very affordable as well. Yeah you are going to have to deal with snow.

    BTW if your significant other wants to become a caregiver he/she can manage 5 patients aswell. There is also a petition process so that you can exceed the 5 patient limit.


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