which little sista?

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  1. So, I'm brand new here so I hope I am posting in the right place and all.

    I've got some money, but I'm not quite ready to get a dealers cup yet, that will be in around 6-8 months.

    So I need a good bong that will last me that long (or longer). I'm definatly not an experienced guy, and I've only ever owned low end bongs (a small 9", a 13" pure, and a 16" local blower). The 9" got lost by a friend I lent it to and the Pure, well broke when I dropped it accidently. A real sad day for me :(. The 16" is all right but the bowls small, the stem gets clogged often, and its more of a party bong than anything. I really want a piece of quality glass.

    The reason I am going towards roor is, well, the name. I mean its like the benz of bongs right? It could be shitty, but its still a benz...

    I am wondering now which should I go for. I currently got just over 300, but could save up more.

    roor 3.2mm little sista for just under 200
    roor 5mm little sista for 300
    roor 7mm little sista for 400

    I'll be careful with it, but its still gonna be on the road....

  2. Or should I get a 45cm 3.2mm big sista?

    man I'm so bad at deciding.
  3. go to a headshop and get a nice, cheap, quality piece.

    i picked up a 12 inch 5mm hbg for 100 at a local shop. does the trick nicely
  4. Thicker is always better, and I'd suggest you don't get anything less than 5mm. Are you set on a RooR or are these just choices?
  5. ya get the 3.2mm. if youre careful its not goin to break. its a RooR!
  6. Get 5 or 7mm, they are considerably more durable and the artist also signs them with a glass design.
  7. If I were you I would go with a 5mm or 7mm, since it's worth the extra money when you break like a 2-3mm which costs 200$ and have too spend another 200$ for a new one, you could spend 300$ on some thick glass. trust me.

    5mm: won't break, Cost is 300$
    3mm: which is less durable, but only costs 200$, but when it breaks another one is 200$

    Hope I have helped. :D
  8. I sorta want a roor (my friend has one and man they are just awesome as all can be) and I also want a roor for the "oh shit its a roor" aspect, but I am not 100% set on one, just willing to pull out an extra benjy or two for one compared to another bong.
    Is there a different brand I should check out?
    (BTW I am super set on getting a custom roor in 8 months so for now I guess I don't really need one, it would just be super chill).
  9. Get the 7. Save up for it, trust me, you'll feel much better on the road passing around.
  10. you have helped :)

    I never thought of it like that. so then... I'm guessing the 5mm is sufficent? or should I save up an extra 100 for a 7mm?

    sorry about all the questions all, I am new in the field lol.
  11. Yes the 7mm is worth it.
  12. I would buy a 5mm EHLE 45cm ice, It only cost 180$ so you can buy a Diffuser for it and an ash catcher. I would definitely buy the EHLE over the RooR.
  13. Dude...
    Your comparison is horrid! Weedstar is china, they steal designs and the quality is meh. RooR on the other hand is top notch tube engineering. If you want to lower your price to get accessories, go for EHLE, they have high quality tubes that are comparable to RooR's. If you want percs go luke wilson or something similar.

    Supporting Weedstar is supporting cheap knock offs at the expense of the real artists that created them, think of that before you decide to buy.
  14. For the amount your talking you really, really should look beyond roor. With roor you pay a lot just for the name. Not saying they dont have nice glass... but what about like luke wilson, toro, us tubes, illadelph? There are a lot of other similarly priced and reputable companies but like with luke wilson for 400 ish you could have a inline triple perc which would kill a lil sista.
  15. 5mm is a good blend of thickness and a decent price. 7mm is clearly optimal, but if it were me, dropping 400 is a significant amount of money.
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    The little sista is a great piece man, I love mine. I have a 3.2mm rasta little sista and it gets me ripped.

    5mm glass thickness is pretty damn solid. 3.2mm is good if you are careful with your bong, smoke it, don't play with it and keep it in one place if anything.
  17. Like many other people have said, you should without a doubt choose a 5mm bong. It's is far more solid, and in the long run you will appreciate the ticker glass!
    And, you also need a roor diffuser right away, it is no point having a roor without one. It makes a HUGE difference! The smoke gets smooth as silk, less drag, easier to maintain a flame on the bowl (when not diffused the flame easily "jumps" up and down) and it also makes less bubbly-bubbly noise.
    I would also advice you to get a bong with icenotches as it gives you an option to use ice. -I always use ice, as this make the smoke really smooth and not that warm.

    The roors from germany have a bong called Roor Big Brother. It's a 5mm. bong, with 10cm extra length, ice notches and a diffuser. It is the best value-for money roor bong!
    Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 5mm - Big Brother - Online Shop

    If you can not afford a 5mm roor bong with a diffuser, choose an Ehle bong. The quality is just the same, and they are a little bit cheaper.

    You get what you pay for. In my opinion it is better to save up some money, and then buy something which will satitsfy me for years, instead of buying some cheap shit...
  18. I'd go with the 5 but if you drop it it won't really mater

  19. ALL glass can break,
    Anyway if i was you OP i would go for 5mm unless you have quite a lot of extra cash and can afford to spend more. Although US Tubes are meant to have 7mm thickness all over, including beaker part which would be weakest point.

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