which led should i buy?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by groundswell, Dec 7, 2022.

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  2. I have an SF-2000 and it does great. Only covers a 2x3 area though, not 2x4 like they claim.
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  3. I use it in a 3x3, but the majority of growth is in a 2x3 area. I was just on amazon and they are down to $197 now. Used to be $299.
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  4. I bet 2 of those in a 2x4 would do amazing.....for less than $400 at that.
  5. Ok thanks for the fast replies and good info. i will buy one tomorrow.

    Another question how long will plants last without light? my scrog plant is about 3-5 weeks into a flowering cycle and took me about 8 weeks of veg to ready her for that flowering stage/fill the screen enough stage...My home made COB (209 watt) from wall with meanwell driiver shit itself about a week ago,

    still havnet found or had any contact about the lifetime warrenty..And my $40 mulitmeter might not be suitable for constant current.So im not sure if a globe/COB in series died or if its the driver.
  6. by too big i mean im not sure 64cm width of LED will hit carbon filter/ silencer on the side of my tent but just measured it and it will just fit.
  7. Keep whatever light you can on them until your new one arrives. Some light is better than no light.
  8. are these the ones 3 to 5 weeks into flower? i wouldnt worry they look healthy just not flowerering yet
  9. I just bought an HLG Patriot and it is a very nice light for a 2x2. They ship almost before you make up your mind.
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  10. I only buy 20190517_115229 (1).jpg my Led lighting is from HLG
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  12. do..ill hook up several batten holders and put four-six 23 watt cfl's in there, 12/12. hopefully no hermies.

    that photo was taken about 3 weeks ago. ill see if i can get a shot today if i find enough light.

    Ok thanks i like the sounds of quantum boards and thos setups...but i can afford a sf2000 this week so will go with what ive seen produce good yields in fogsters journals and other growers too.
  13. Medic Grow MINI SUN-2 new 240w looks interesting $199 free shipping.
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  14. Ok thanks for the help but overnight the plant committed suicide by either lack of or too many nutes/ec level or lack of light or some reason and im quitting growing untill its legal. I was starting to get a rep in a small town which i dont need. Small number of trusted friends blew my stealthiness by getting loose lips on the turps. So wont do it unless i get a decent sized farm secret squirrel somewhere or something.

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