Which is More Popular?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by FL Chronic, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Joints Or Bongs? :confused:

    I say Bongs :bongin:
  2. joints. by far.

    everyone has smoked a joint, not everyone has smoked a bong

  3. lol i guess you could say that.
  4. Joints are more popular especially amongst beginners because it's the cheaper option
  5. Joints are more popular because new potheads start on joints most of the time.And it takes them time to get to bongs.I was smoking for three years before I hit/got a bong.

    Bongs are way better IMHO
    joints and especially blunts taste terrible to me and bowls are alright and bubblers to but nothing beats a good bong.
  6. Joints have a more widespread popularity. Just about every toker will partake in a joint every now and then. But I still know ppl who never touch bongs(for whatever reason, money maybe?)
  7. It depends. If I have some mids I will smoke a blunt to give it some flavour. If I have slightly better weed, I roll joints. If I have dank I will rip bowls. It all depends on the quality of the bud.

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