Which is less dangerous

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  1. I have always felt bible paper was worse than brown paper, however I haven't done that since I was 13. If your going that far, why aren't you taking the strips of the inside banana peel and pressing them together, if you can get your hands on some parchment- then place in book, place other books on top of it, try to make yourself some papers out of that stuff, I mean you are literally killing time..
    You really can't carve an apple pipe with a shiv tho?
    Like really back to being 12.
    Or is the problem the fire as well, I know each flick costs and want to retain, so joints are optimal...
    Or not allowed food outside of areas?.
    Anytime I was in, I just stopped. Not worth the risks or any of it..
    Best of luck
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  2. Make a butthole bong.
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  3. Freedom to enjoy your health ....... What is health without freedom .? Not worth a fuck .
  4. I think smoking weed would be the last thing on your mind if locked up.
  5. I mean depends on how long you got to wait lol

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  6. I was so sick of putting coffee on paper towels.
    Have your people send in 8x11 sheets of rice paper. I did, they wrote on one and said “here’s your Bible study paper” could also say it’s for drawing.

    I then ripped up the sheets into rolling paper sizes and sold 5, for a buck.
    Right along with the plugs for $2
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  7. Do you not get anything with foil on it in prison?? If I was in that situation my thought would be to make a pipe of some kind not a paper :laughing:
  8. You guys are buying into this guys BS ?
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  9. No sir,
    Nothing that will give you a chance to fashion a weapon or start a fire.

    I had to take apart AA batteries, pull out the core, then use that to sharpen down one end, flatten the other end and pop a hole in it for a sewing needle.
    Then you have to take the string out of your boxer elastic, double it up, spin in on a lock to braid it, then you can sew your own shit.

    Get craft my friend
  10. Ahahahaah you’d fucking be surprised
    I bought my pack of cigarettes to cut down from one of the chaplins.
    The men of the church.... ha righttttt
    Well the way he saw it he knew I was turning $40 into $200 and able to eat and run a parlay ticket for all sports.

    Find anything you want in prison faster then on the street. Kinda scarey when you think it over.

    I never smuggled anything other then 2x $20 in my boot. Used to laugh at officer Gaines (baddest officer, no one gets by him) ha. For 3 years he knew I was running shit he just never could catch me. Drove him fucking nuts to be out smarted by an inmate with out shoving shit up my ass.

    I knew guys that would “hold down” the phone, and the charger, and no the prongs didn’t fold then.
  11. Only difference was this was with spice 7 years ago, couldn’t be tested for it,

    thc in your pee your pissing away 6 months of gain time fuck that.
  12. Thanks guys. Only problem is at this prison or rather penitentiary we can't get shit in the mail(regarding the rice paper). Anything like that must come directly from the publisher. I'm thinking of using the bible paper but putting a lil honey on it so that it burns slow
  13. People can’t send you drawings?
    Have them lightly draw on it with pencil so you can erase it.

    Or make you honey I miss you cards.

    Bible paper will really start to catch up to you more then the paper towel with coffee.

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