which is correct ph value ,pH (CaCl2) or pH (H20) ?

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  1. i found a soil and written ph value of the soil on the label is:

    pH value (CaCl2): \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t
    approx. 5,2 - 6,0​
    pH value (H20):
    approx. 5,7 - 6,5​

    which is the correct value ?
  2. well that is a bit confusing - but CaCl2 is salt so ...

    i'd say that the H20 value is correct - ie if you water with just H20 it should be 5.7 - 6.5

    but if you are adding salt then reduce the pH of the solution to 5.2 - 6.0

    i'm not 100% though

    personally i'd go with BioBizz AllMix if I was growing in soil again ;)
  3. this is very cheap soil..
  4. you'll prolly get really cheap results then

    good luck
  5. Hey man

    the pH for CaCl2 is correct. Soils when tested become super saturated, to counter this we add CaCl2 (a common salt) which lowers pH. This brings results to a level more true to soil pH rather than soil and water pH. Remember that the pH scale runs on a logarithmic scale, if you dont know what that is then check out wikipedia, it means that even a small gap further down the scale or up the scale could possibly hav a bigger effect than a larger one closer to the nuetral pH of 7. Kinda like the snowball effect. Im a student studying environmental sciences, so i can vouch that this info is correct studying soil and land processes at the moment. You may be able to find fertilizers or solutions at gardening shops that are basic to raise your acidic soils back up to a more nuetral point.
    Cheers have a good one

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