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  1. Would it be better to plant in a pot or in the soil? I am planting in the woods next to pastuers. I think pots might be good so I could move it in emergency, but soil would be good in case someone walks by they might not notice. Any comments?
  2. ya if its a gurilla id deffinatly go straight into the dirt, what i do is just dig a couple feet into the existing soil and fill it with potting soil.... also if u do choose to use pots dig a little hole to to keep the pots sterdy because the elements do tend to knock pots over etc., but ya ur best be would just be to dig a hole and fill it with good dirt
  3. or dig a hole and bury your pot so that you can't see it
  4. putting a pot in the ground is a waste unless you think you are gonna have to move the plants.

    you will get twice the yield in the ground then you will in a container...at least.
  5. thanks, I dont want the grow to get to big, like a bush. growing indica
  6. Bury the pots in the ground but cut the bottoms off pots.you can still move them and the roots can extend out the bottom
  7. good idea. when i grow is it best to have one site or multiple? should i scatter the plants like they are a regular plant growing in the woods? how should i blend in with surrounding plants?
  8. if you're growing gurilla, I'd spread the love around some so it's not an obvious looking pot nursery.
  9. You really wanna go guerilla and NOT get caught?

    Have your plants already in growth, nice sturdy stems so they survive the first week.

    Pick an ideal spot where NO ONE goes, theres AMPLE sunlight coming in all day, and you won't be seen often when you go to check on it every TWO weeks. ( too often gets people wondering..)

    Bring a garbage bag, tiny hand shovel, tiny hand rake, good potting soil and the plants.
    If in a grassy area, cut a circle of grass that you can cut in half and put back after you plant.The grass roots again and it looks totally natural.

    Dig your hole(s) ( about 1 1/2 ft-2 ft ), put extra soil from hole into bag that you will dump in a WHOLE different spot later.

    This is what I do.

    Have pre-grown plant is key.

  10. How tall should the plants be?

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