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  1. Starting some plants indoors til they're about 2 or 3 feet tall then I'm going to transplant them in the ground outside. I have two different kinds of lights, but I'm not sure which ones would work better.

    I have two 120 watt sylvania spot-gro incandescent lights.... then I have two single lamp 36" t5 fluorescent lights which are 21 watts each
  2. Neither will get you past seedlings stage

    You probably have a T8 btw.
  3. Well I grew with the spot-gro before; grew 3 plants using two of them til they were like almost 3 feet then put them out in late June, they were pretty stretched, but I ended up getting like 7 ozs off one.

    I figured since about the bottom 2.5 ft of a 6ft plant usually doesnt yeild much anyways, the initial stretch indoors wouldnt matter.

    Never grew with a fluorescent tube tho

    I just checked theyre t5's
  4. Because the fluoros run at very low heat, you can get them much closer to the plants than the spot bulbs, and that should help reduce the stretch. They wont really cut it as you get towards a foot, but if you've used the spot bulbs successfully before then use those once the sprouts start to grow and then use the t5's as supplementary lighting.

  5. You didn't get cannabis a healthy 2+ feet with a 120 incandescent. PERIOD.

  6. Go and put your training wheels back on please.

    Dude getting a plant to that size under a Sylvania Grow bulb. Pretty much impossible.

  7. DChief420 has been trying to grow a plant under 3 incandescent bulbs totalling about 235W, vegging for about 10 weeks, over on this thread --->

    Don't get me wrong, it's in a state! Not recommended at all, but there you have it. I presume the OP has had a similar experience with his 2x 120W bulbs and found that throwing it out in the sun for a few months worked out okay for him.
  8. Grew 3 plants 3 ft tall using a 120 watt incandescent. Puts them outside "a little stretchy" and gets 7 oz off of one plant. I think I'm s pretty good grower but I would work my ass off for 7 oz per plant. I'm calling Bullshit!!
  9. I'd add another candle and take your thumb off the scale.
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    Lol Idk what to tell u guys, I'm really not bullshitting.

    O ya I forgot to mention I used bagseed and miracle gro too

  11. Sure you did..and Angelina Joliee helped trim

    Go pull the other one.

  12. I grow indoors and out, been in the herb growing business since 81.

    No way to get good results ....and outside @ end of June is another huge giveaway to OPs bullshit.
    Guy is trolling us IMHO.

  13. Whys putting them out at the end of June a huge giveaway?

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