which is better for vegetative stage ?

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  1. yo which is better for the vegetative stage metal halide or hid ??

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  2. um, mh is better for veg ;)
  3. A quick google search will tell you what and why. Mh is high in blue spectrum. This is what we want for explosive vegetative growth. This is the same as the spring and summer sun. As for hps they are high in the red spectrum. This is ideal for bud production. This resembles the fall sun. I use both for the different phases of growth but i start with t5s for the minority of time. Then when they go into the flowering chamber ill hit rhem with the mh for a week or so befor the trip and swotching to hps. But some mix both in flowering. Some will only run one hps bulb the whole cycle. Depends on funds

  4. Now why would you fuck with the newbie's head like that? LOL

    MH for veg, HPS for flower.

    As noted above, blue spectrum/red spectrum.

    More blue hits surface as summer approaches (rays hit more directly...sky diffuses blue and UV faster because they are shorter wavelength with higher energy), after midsummer, the tilt starts pulling away, blue diffuses more, red becomes more dominant.

    Plants veg through spring and summer, flower starting in late summer. Those are the light conditions you're trying to copy.

    If you have the ability to create the "perfect" balanced tropical environment (70 to 80 degrees consistent, humidity consistent within 8% of target--16% total spread--etcetera), you can run one of each, each half the wattage a single HID would call for. Equatorial environments, after all, have very little change in spectrums making it to surface efficiently...the sun's essentially at the same angle all year.

    But otherwise, MH veg, HPS flower.
  5. Also to the OP, MH/HPS are what you would call HID lights.
  6. Yawn

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  7. Totally. Just Google the shit. Faster and easier on everyone.

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