Which HPS is best?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Chicago-toker, May 20, 2004.

  1. Have been growing with fluoros for the last two years. Have had 3 decent harvests growing 6 plants each time. What would be the best HPS lamp to get for 6 plants or less: 100, 250, or 400. Most of my plants finish at a height of 30"-36" . Wanting to treat these ladies right to increase the density of the buds. Is there much difference in the heat level emitted from them?
  2. Either of those will be better than Fluros. Out of those, I'd say the 400. But 600 would be better.
  3. yeah a 400 will cover 6, but it depends on the room size for heat extraction etc if you wanna go for a 600........Peace out.......Sid
  4. How big should the plants be before using the hps light? How far above the plants should it hang. I have been flowering at 12". Should I let them veg taller than that with a HPS. Just wondering about the light reaching to the lower part of the plant. How much more can I expect in yield with a HPS?
  5. you can start using the hps at anytime you want...hps are a good allrounder so you can use to veg and flower em...you can also flower whenever your happy with your plants height...you can start at 12" thats not a bad height but the shorter they are when start flowering the less product you will pull off
  6. Should I flower when its taller? I am used to fluoros so I'm not familiar with the light penetration of a HPS. What is the max height to grow before flowering? Also, there will be no more than 6 plants growing at a time?
  7. what height's the room?.........you need space for the pot, the plant, the distance to the light, and the light it'self.......if those sizes add upto more than what you've got you'll need to do some improvising........Peace out.........Sid
  8. if your thinking about a 400hps go with the 600hps...i first bought the 400 im going to get my 600 any day.....
  9. remember this is only if you have the space, crammin a 600 in a 3x3 closet would be a nightmare on heat, good ventalation would have to be addressed foremost. if limited id say go with the 400, not as much intensity as a 600, but could easily compensate under a scrog
  10. rule of thumb is 50 watts per sq foot now a 600 hps with a hood with a fan setup and venting would be great and you can keep heat down i would say 400 hps and more light doesnt always mean more buds so i have to add that in that is a miss conseption that alot of people have i think after 65 watts per sq foot doesnt help any but when i make a grow area i go with a 50 watt per sq foot and vent with the air pulled threw a carbon filter and if you have heat probs a portable ac unit can be used make sure theres a oscolating fan and if you can setup a co2 unit sorry just my 2 cents
  11. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to seeing the difference between hps and fluoros! Would love to twist a fattie for you all...

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