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  1. im lookin at buying a hakko, they seem like a very good investment. im just not sure which one to get? which one is supose to work the best? i know you need the ceramic tip
  2. hakko 456 order it from frys.com its an online electronics website

    thats what i own and operate and all you do to expose the ceramic heating element is unscrew the metal sheith and chizel tip covering the ceramic. easy as a flick of the wrist and your smokin!
  3. i just bought a hakko 454 from the local Fry's store yesterday and it's been working great!
  4. is the 454 or 456 better? is there any difference
  5. 454 is 25 watt vs. 456 which is 60 watt

    25 watt is plenty hot to light the bowl, but you never want it to be TOO hot

    plus 454 is cheaper and comes with a nice gel grip
  6. does anyone know if the phedor is more like the hakko 454 or 456?
  7. 60 watts is probably the best, because you can control the temperature with how far you hold it from the bowl and how hard you suck.
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    sorry bump
    does anyone know anything about the ceramicwand from ceramicwand.com

    im impatient, lol sorry
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    It looks just like a real shitty rip off of the hakko. Regarding the phedor, the consensus I got when researching this earlier, is that they break semi-often and are not as easily replaced. just get the hakko, it is from a reputable company.

    And 25 watt vs 60 watt is the same max temp but faster heating up. My 25w 454 heats up in about 15-20 seconds and is ready by the time i pack the slide. I did own the 936 with the variable temp box, but the element didn't get red hot on the end so it didn't work as well. fortunately my idiot friend broke it. the 25w dash is much better for lighting and only 30 shipped

    edit: that site you linked is completely full of it.

    4. How is your product different from your competitors?
    By purchasing our product you will save yourself about $120. In terms of quality ours are second to none. We love this product so much but could not stomach having to pay what our competitors charge that is why we came up with our solution.

    LOL it's a few bucks more expensive than the 454....

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