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Which eyedrrops do you perfer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stubort, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I personally use Visine advanced relief, I think it works very well and sooths my eyes. But it's almost out, and I was thinking of trying rhotos, but I have heard some things about them that don't sound too good. I don't mind if it burns for a little but I heard it has alcohol and menthol in them which produces the " good " burn. Also they seem a little over hyped. Also, visine advanced relief kinda make my eyes reall red right after I put them in, but then after like 10 minutes makes them real white and sooths your eye and gives it a slight cooling sensation(it says sooths, refreshes, and cools right on the bottle. Also may I mention that it is a very big bottle for the money. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. I prefer Clear Eyes Redness Relief. They make my eyes white in a very short time. I have some rhotos right now and they dont seem to work the best and practically bleach your eye.
  3. Visine A.C.? They work extremely well after just 1 drop in each eye, and quickly too. But like $7
  4. Rhotos are my favorite. Other eye drops that work pretty good are Visine A and these other ones that are like twenty dollars and they not only kill redness but also kill the "glazed" look to your eyes.
  5. [​IMG]

    till I die

  6. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Dunno None Of Them Seem To Work For Me...They Actualy Make
    My Eyes More Red Than Usual
  8. Clear Eyes all the way dude, :smoke:

  9. You've never invested in Rhotos, have you?
  10. These ones

    Sorry had to, but seriously I use Rhoto's the most often.

  11. No Sir I Have Not...I Pretty Much Gave Up E.D's After The First Couple Brands
    Failed Me
  12. green Rhotos work real damn goood.

    the silver ones are the most intense by far thoo
  13. I ahve some green Rhotos...They hella make my eyes red for about a minute, then they be white as hell...I prefer the silver Rhotos though..
  14. I prefer none my eyes dont get red for some reason =\
  15. Like What Do You Mean "Intense" I Plan On Smoking Bowls Early Next Year
    Before Classes....I Might Just Give Them A Try When I Need Them
  16. it would be the equivalent of putting vicks in your eyes.

    its like a menthol blast.
    very sooothing tho.

    me and my friends put in some of the green ones and then smoked three huge blunts in his car.
    it took 45 mins to smoke those big blunts and when we got out, eyes were still white as fuck and my eyes hurt so bad from all the smoke that was in his car.
    so i would recommend them a thousand times
  17. WoW...Cool Thanx
  18. Rhoto!!!! I love the burn, it feels fuckin good :hello:

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