Which cig do you perfer after smoking dank?

Discussion in 'General' started by senta420, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. A lot of people I know fiend a menthol cig after they get done smoking ganja (I'm one of them). A Newport seems to make me a lot higher. What do you smoke when you get done smoking?
  2. Newport shorts.

    I haven't had one for a few weeks but I think about it every day.
  3. it seems cigs increase everything, not being an actual cigarette smoker i dont know anything about them or the differences between them, but whwn im high and someones smokin one ill ask if we can cut it. i dont get that urge to smoke another bowl if i smoke one bowl and a cig so it conserves your weed also
  4. Coffee and a marb red after a wake and bake > sex.
  5. Amen to that. Honestly, my high does not start to kick in till I smoke a cig. I'm usually a non-menthol smoker but when I'm smoking bud, I need me my menthol (;
  6. Coffee and Marb reds <3333 that's what I smoke lol
  7. [quote name='"ThEbLuEMaGoO"']Coffee and a marb red after a wake and bake > sex.[/quote]
    Best morning possible is. Wake, bake, sex cig, coffee and breakfast in that order. ;)

    Each step just makes the next that much better.
  8. Take out coffee and I am so down with that being the best morning ever.
  9. Marlboro 27s
  10. What the hell are they? I never even heard of em
  11. Let me not forget my Marlboro menthol smooths. I smoked those for a while and I loved the taste. Mmm....
  12. Lol, they're pretty nice. I found a whole pack on the ground not even opened before. They taste like mint chocolate ice cream!
  13. Yeah, yummy mint : )

  14. I think 27's are non menthol, they have a unique taste though smoked em in college.
    Marb 54's are slightly mentholated but they aren't too bad, was never really a menthol guy tho.
  15. I never heard of either. Here it's either Marb reds, menthols or new ports.
  16. Been with reds for a while.
  17. Marlboro special blend reds
  18. Marlboro 27's...there's just no substitute.
  19. Anybody ever smoke a Cheyenne? It's a cigarette but with a cigar tube and filter. They're flavored. Pretty nasty if you ask me.

    Hmm, here's another question. Do you all smoke black and milds, if so what kind is your favorite. Mine is definitly wood tip wine
  20. I smoke a lot of spliffs so I rarely smoke cigs. But if I did I'd smoke Dunhill lights.

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