Which cfl's are which

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greatvalue, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. For vegging do you want the really bright white looking lights or the dull orange looking lights?
  2. Mine do not say what they are on the bulb, and I bought them a long time ago and threw packaging away. Which one is which? I've got bright white looking and orange looking bulbs.
  3. For vegging you want 6500k bulbs. You will see it printed on the package or bulb itself. There labeled Daylight Bulbs. For flowering you want the soft white ones which are 2700k. Daylight ones are bright white...the other one is dull orange.

    Also remember to keep the CFL 2-4 inches from the plant. After about 4-5 inches grow spectrum drops to zero..all your plant will do is stretch.
  4. Thanks a lot. Right now the lights are about 1" away. Stealth PC. Plant is super short and squatty looking. About 4" in diameter and 5" tall with several sets of leaves already. It's swiss cheese in soil from a 100yr old (100 years of planting) garden that grows awesome vegetables. No it's probably not the best soil but it was free, quick, and easy.

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