which cfl's and when

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  1. i've read conflicting arguements on this topic. I'm starting a new cfl grow and i've always used a combination of soft white and warm cfls. i really want to maximise my yield and i think picking the right spectrum of light might be the key in my setup. first i read that soft white is for veg and warm is for flowering. Then i read that daylight cfls are better for both. Next i read that warm cfl just mimic sunrise and sunset so they need to be supplimented by another set of bulbs. I don't want to take wattage into account in this situation, just the spectrum. And i know inevatabily someone is going to suggest hid or hps lighting, this isn't an option for my grow. any help is greatly appreciated. keep on smokin':smoking:
  2. as far as i know, there are 3 dif. color spectrums of cfl. heres a link showing names and color temperature CFL colors

    you want something in the "daylight" spectrum to veg your plants, and something in the warm or soft white spectrum when your plants are budding. its good to have a mixture of both, but with more of one type depending on what stage your in. a 75/25 mix of daylight and soft white during veg and 25/75 during flowering.

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