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which bud do you like?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XxJWxX, May 28, 2002.

  1. For all of you who have been should know what i'm talking about...Which bud do you like the best out of all of these...Why?

    1. Maui Wowie
    2. Blueberry
    3. White Widow
    4. Northern Lights
    5. AK-47
    6. Other _____.

    My personal favorite is probably AK-47...It's some really really strong afghani weed...Probably the only good thing that ever came out of afghanistan. I smoked a bowl last night and couldn't walk.
  2. Blue Berry
    Blue Dot
    White Widow
    Northern Lights # 5
    ALASKAN THUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDERFUCK! (the extra N's *ARE* necessary, btw!)
    "Big Phatty" (we're not sure, but we think it's a cross between blueberry & ??? NL? anyone else heard of this?)

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