Which book is better?

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  1. Going to buy one of these books now but not sure which one i should get... Anyone read these?

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  2. depends on your preferences, the first one I believe is more technical. since you're probly a beginner I think the 2nd is the way to go.
  3. Havnt read the second by jorge but the first by greg i have and is great. I heard it was more complete and bigger. I agree it is more technical but has a great section on breeding if that interest you.
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    I have the first one, bought it as a new grower3 years ago, still use it today to refine the skill and actually reading deeper into organics. It goes into almost everything, goes deep in the genetics of plants, lighting, stages of growth, food for your plants, organics, harvesting, bubble hash, making pipes out of foil, etc. It's packed full of useful info, for soil and hydro growers both, chemical feeders or organic feeds, talks about all the techniques, lst, scrog, sog, topping, fimm, etc. It has everything you need in like 500 pages or something, VERY helpful.

    Never read the second one, so I am kind of biased.

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