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Which bong would you choose and why?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CreatureFiend94, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I smoke only flowers, none of that concentrate bs.. But yeah which tube do you think is superior, not based on looks/
    yo could find these tubes on the aqua labs technologies website

    HVY Glass - Clear Showerhead Beaker
    ZOB Glass - 8 Arm Straight - Blue & Black Label
    B. Wilson Glass - Slyme & Black Six Arm Bubbler # 2
    Leisure Glass - 15 Arm Bubbler - Yellow & Black
    HVY Glass - 9 mm 8 Arm Beaker

  2. Zob. I just like 'em but they are expensive.
  3. "Which bong would you choose?": Well since you didn't post any links or photos, I'm just gonna go with the first one.
    And why?: Because i'm high and lazy.
  4. 15 arm bubbler... dayum
  5. This does not compute.
    I pick this bong -> :bongin:
  6. The B. Wilson is dope as fuck but the Leisure Glass would be sick too.
  7. Go with the Zob man. I took the time to look them up and check them out.

    The Zob looks the best. My buddy has a Zob and it's awesome! It's more of a bubbler-bong though than a straight tube.

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