Wheres you happy place?

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  1. As the title says, where's a place that makes you happy, due to the environment your in. It could be the place you like to spark up at, where-ever!
  2. In the vagina
  3. Out in the woods tokin it up
  4. Up in my friend's tree house.
    yee :smoke:
  5. My fenced in back yard.

    I have an unbelievable amount of birds in my yard. There are cardinals, orioles, those really small yellow ones, and like a hundred others. They all have different calls.

    It just makes me really happy to be sitting in a lawn chair with just my shorts smoking a cig/joint or just absorbing the day.
  6. My bedroom, hotboxing in my closet with the air off and my parents gone for the weekend.... just listening to music and letting my mind follow its train of thought into lala land. ( I SERIOUSLY zone out of reality when I'm high. My friends tell me I'm lucky. )

    I'm at my most pleasant when I'm exercising or being creative high, too.
  7. Anywhere with my family and close friends. Probably an odd answer compared to others on here, haha. But I love family. Couldn't live without em.

    Second answer, would be a beach, preferably with a blunt.
  8. in the pub with my mates, high as a giraffe
  9. These woods by my house
  10. Inside of abottle of tequila im da little worm at da bottom
  11. In an Rx bottle. JK, seriously, as long as I'm with my wife, everything is cool, wherever we are.
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    Me too. My room is pitch black so sometimes I escape everything then come back a new me. Idk. :)
  13. Anywhere by the water that's super peaceful and relaxing.
  14. Hockey arena, I have only toked up a few times inside but whether I am high or not, it always turns my mood to good. No matter what.
  15. Haven't found it yet...
  16. Cruising on a desert highway in a convertible at sunset smoking a joint listening to pink floyd, tom petty or the eagles with my gf/wife next to me. Then after the sunsets, just looking up at all the stars.

  17. That's sad:(

    My happy place is at the dinner table with my family. It's so awesome, everyone laughing and telling stories. It just feels great :)
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    Same, I love it by the water. Which is why I live along the river.
  19. My lake house porch, blazing up watching the sunrise then hit the water for some wakeboardin :smoke:

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