wheres waldo?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by highawatha, Sep 11, 2001.

  1. very close my dear friend.
    that whole garden buisness got a little outta hand...we added a roof last week...fukers grew over the privacy fence...
    i swear to ya ill sip port smoke that crap and toast you my far away friend..
    take care
    peace an luv
  2. XL ENT Herbage! Y'all definitley know how to farm. Sheriff has'nt been chasing any hardened criminals thru the garden lately has he?
  3. plate-o-weed had much to do with the fact that it fell off...:)
    it was hard to tell but the main bud on that stem was like a foot long and it had like 4 others towards the bottom ands was as thick as my arm...eeek...so now the camper has a whooole new use ..
    ps this is the first time ive had my grubby little paws on my ol mans plants.....and last yr his whole "harvest was not much more than that one stem.lol.... our babies this yr have uh, many :)
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