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Wheres MY ounce

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Buzzwell420, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Well I didnt give any one any $ or anything.

    But I have a strange feeling one of my friends got poped on his cross state weed venture.

    Pray!...He was suposed to be back earlier in the day, and NO one can get a hold of him
  2. That sucks man. I hope everything is alright with him.

  3. Yeah he ususaly lets me know when hell be back, or at least someone.

    But no response
  4. man that still sucks =[ hope your friend is fine and the oz is dank
  5. yeah dude shit sucks if he got cot, mind telling as to how much trouble hed be in, (pounds, ounces, keys?)
  6. sounds bad, but lets just hope he lost his cell and got a flat tire or something. . . keep us posted.
  7. any word??
  8. Buump?

    Get ahold of dude?
  9. Maybe its so dank he doesnt want to sell it to you.
  10. Maybe he's so baked he got lost or dropped his phone or something, bummer man. He'll probably turn up eventually
  11. Shit, I hope everythings cool.
  12. Update

    well he made it, and threw a small party.

    he just didnt let alot of people know he was back, so he didnt have to run everywhere at 10pm after a 10 hour weed run/.
  13. Glad all is well man, freaks me out too when shit like that happens, specially if its a main guy of yours. Definatley understand where he's coming from not hittin people up once he got home after that long of a run. Happy to hear there wasnt another injustice to marijuana smokers be police. Blaze on
  14. ya i know how you were feelin, my one buddy jsut turned 21 so we got him tog et us some cases for a little get together and he called my one freind (hes 18, well call him friend a) to get him to come to the beer distrib. so he left to roll to the next town to get the beer the dude driving was a buddy of mine since i was like 6 or 7 and the one who left my house to help him, is my best freind am with him all day since he moved here about 7 years ago, well hours went by and nothing a decent sized party no beer jsut mad bud so we made that work out :smoke: haha can yall say banana blunts? haha, the next day everyone is gone and a freind rolls over my house and still we cant get ahold of either of the 2 who went missin, well A's boss ended up calling my freind who was sitting next to me, saying that A ended up in jail and shit.

    It was a bad night and day turns out the driver had a QP, 2nd Offense its shitty luck he ran a redlight like a dumbass

  15. Im thinking, with the timing and all, its at least a pound :), but he made it and the down will continue to flow green
  16. I know how that is man, well at least he's back and even though you are one night behind, you got him back at least :)
  17. I hate dealer time down here tho, You have to almost double any amount of time they have you w8

    Oh well He is a busy man. I can wait, just took me a few times to realize his formula for time.:D

    I mean Im getin an ounce, so I think Im on a good spot on the list.
  18. cali kind of sucks
  19. as far as weed goes

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