Wheres all the good rap at?

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  1. It seems like the only good rap now days is coming out of Canada or the West Coast :mad:.
  2. Its rare but its still around. I dwell in the old school realm though
  3. What kind of rap do you like I'll post some good shit for you
  4. I feel you man. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Wale and Big Sean
  5. Theres good rap all over its just hard to find because the labels only promote shit music
  6. Now a days the only thing I can get into is a few of the beats being let out...that's why when I listen to the lyrics I think of how much they can be improved, or certain people that would have been better on it.
  7. in my notebook
  8. I feel the same. The last truly great hip hop album I remember was Madvillainy and that was way back in 2004. Since then I've listened to hundreds of newer albums and nothing really has any substance to it.
  9. Rap is dead dude. Luckily, some members of the wu-tang clan + Nas, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and some other selective good artists are still in the business.
  10. Lets be honest, the material those artists are putting out now is trite compared to the masterpieces they achieved in the 90's.

    Just look at GZA, he has become such a mess. The moment I listened to Pro Tools I knew he was a changed rapper in all the worst ways.

    Nas' last didn't have anything memorable either, but we'll see what comes next.
  11. Good rap is in the 1990's.
  12. You wanna hear good rap listen to ya boy 100 bars of death
  13. here it is
  14. The city of purple sprite Houston Texas niggha, we've got the best rap down in Texas.
  15. how could hiphop be dead when wu-tang is forever?

    just kidding

    good rap is everywhere. the west coast is definitely making a huge comeback though

  16. since you have Brotha Lynch Hung as your pic
    i didn't really like his new album
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