Where's all the 2:36 AMers at?

Discussion in 'General' started by emrandel, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Just finished watching Munich, 5 academy award nominations obviously don't mean shit.

    I mean... the action scenes failed to excite me while the "dramatic" scenes caused by penis to shrivel up and hide enside my body. Good acting? If I want good acting I'll go to the FUCKING theatre... FUCK!

    I haven't really been able to sleep for the past week or two so I just end up staying up late and getting excessively irritated by something. Luckily I forget most of these things pretty fast but this fuck-up of a movie is still fresh in my mind.

    Has anyone else seen this shit? Am I just being excessively critical?
  2. its 440am here, ive been chillen all night...

    never seen munich tho
  3. it's 2:03 in cali right now, i can't sleep right now caus i took 10 pills of adderal... i hate adderal. Munich was a cruddy movie... if you want to rent a recent movie, go rent "A History Of Violence".... that movie kept me entertained a couple nights ago when i was baked with nothing else to do.
  4. 3:20 west coast time.... I hate(love) coke.

    Like I have nothing better to do than stay up on a workday and listen to Bob Dylan :rolleyes:
  5. Yeah man... I saw history of violence... kind of an... uncensored movie. Which I liked. Usually in those kinds of productions they put a lot of work in to make it good without actually showing anything. But he just goes ahead and fucks her right on the stairs... and then again on the bed... and then some guy gets shot in the face... it's all kind of hazy. I liked it though.

    My gut feeling told me to get a funny movie at block busters but I ignored it and got Munich... whatever man.

    I've been kind of dry this week too, doin' the "buy a bowl in a back alley every couple of hours" routine. Just because I haven't had more than $10 in one place. Get payed in 6 days though so I can get myself... well, a lot of bud.

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