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  1. I couldn't find where to post this, so I guess here. But I have a question for all you guys...I'm really stoned and just thought about it...Where did the first dog come from? Like, was there a secret island in the carribean that just housed all these wild creatures known as "danks", until a dude rolled up on one, and was like "Oh shiii meh dudes, I ain't never seen dis animal". And picked it up and ran back to his house? Okay, cool, well guy...you only have one dog now, so you can't do anything! Well, this guy named the dank a "dog", which is now what it is called today. He then bought 50 growhouses and bread these new creatures until there was approximately 5 million. Then he released them into the wild for 20$ a piece....I really feel like thats what happened....Holy shit i'm stoned. Where did dogs come from? :smoke:
  2. some things are better left as mysteries :cool:
  3. wolves man evolution/domestication mad them friendly:)
  4. I'm curious as to how my dachshund came about, like wtf...
  5. It was when men slept with wolves.

    Created a less vicious, kind and hardworking creature. They called him man's best friend because he is part man.
  6. Lol if you have Netflix, there is a movie called, The Science Behind Dogs. It should answer all of your questions ha.
  7. Wolves became part of everyday human interaction....they affected our way of life as much as we did their's

    Wolves had pups,humans assisted in the care of pups. Those pups created a new "species" that was naturally adaptable to man. Over time man began to breed certain wolves for specific traits....

    Fast forward thousands and thousands of years and the number of breeds has skyrocketed

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