Where would you rather live?

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    Lets say you have the opportunity to move to any of these places in the next week:

    1. Tampa, Florida

    2. Danbury, Connecticut

    3. Poughkeepsie, New York

    You can't go anywhere else except the 3 above... where do you go and why?

    Personally, I choose Tampa, Florida. Chill ass place and I got mad family there. Only thing that would make me hesitant to go is there are too many dick police officers and too much crime and easily available drugs... wouldn't want to become an addict like everyone I know there.
  2. probaly tampa because the metal there is good plus i live near there anyways
  3. Cheap bud too. Ounces cost like $100 for good shit... or atleast for me IDK if it's like that all over but my cousin's are dealers and slang pounds ahha.
  4. lucky you i cant find that great of bud up here near daytona
  5. Probably Tampa, how far is Poughkeepsie from NYC?
  6. Oh yeah... Danbury, Connecticut was rated by High Times Magazine to have the best weed in all of New England.

    I for one can assure you, that is defanitly true. I can't even find anything worse than mids. And the mids you have to ask around a lot for.

    Only shit that people get regularly is dank... and it's expensive as fuck... $20 a G, $60 an 1/8, $100 a 1/4... ECT.
  7. I live 25 minutes from Tampa so Tampa!
  8. 30m via train.

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