Where Was The Best Burger Youve Ever Eaten?

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    The best burger that I've ever eaten a double bacon cheesebuger at Five Guys. That place is amazing, and when you put their spicy frys on it it's almost too good to be true. I also like how they grow their own potatoes and peanuts, plus you can't deny that they have the best burgers for only $5!

    What abut you guys?
  2. if the best burger youve ever had was at a fast food resturant you need to get out more bro
  3. Restaurant burgers suck balls
    In N Out has the best burgers on the planet.
  4. My house  :cool: I can make a bomb ass burger with my nice new grill I got last year...awwww yaa, I'm gonna get me some burgers goin in a few with my roommates, it is a beautiful ass night out.
    I mean five guys is good, but shit doesn't compare to a nice home grilled burger. 
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    [SUB]^Yea I agree if you really put effort into making a banging burger, it's so satisfying. But five guys is definitely my go-to place for a couple burgers when I'm out. Got me craving one now actually...[/SUB]
  6. My house......
    fuck fast food. 
    Ill eat some five guys if im fucked up and super lazy and already out but id rather just make my own shits and cook it myself, nobody can make what i want better than me.... 
  7. Can't think of what it was called, I think "the barn"? In Iowa. Had a double chz from there and it was so sooooo amazingly good. Great sides and atmosphere. If I'm ever headed to Iowa city again I'm stopping
  8. The pineapple burger I made on the grill earlier today. Washed that son'bitch down with a cold brew. God bless!
  9. five guys, in n out
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    burger bites at chili's
    or any 50's style diner...there burgers are always good
  11. Not sure about the best burger, but the best burger places in my area are Big Smoke Burger and Five Guys. I've always wanted to try In N Out, heard it's the shit.
  12. 5 guys does make a pretty good burger, but the best out to eat burger I've ever had would probably have to be Don & Millie's double cheeseburger
  13. Definitely at this sick ass fuck diner down the street from my pad! Place is called Friscoes. If you guys are ever in EP I'd totes recommend the place!
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    Five guys gave me food poisoning the last two times I went. Good burgers though, fries are always limp dicks :( and the stupid standard burger is a double, so to the unknown buyer they order a regular and end up with a double. Doing it up you're paying like $12 for a goddam bacon cheeseburger and frys and drink. You have to order a "little" burger (sounds like a kids meal size, so you often overlook it) to get a normal single burger. Ridiculous!

    They just opened an in n out close by so that's my go to for a consistent, cheap, tasty burger, but there are some other places that can make a half decent burger, too bad they cost like $8. I like mine home made the best though.

    The best I've ever had? Probably the one cooked on the small family farm the cow was raised on. Slaughtered that week, never frozen, cooked rare, simple and great.
  15. i will forever pledge my love to in n out animal style burger and animal style fries wit dat chocolate shake!
  16. Five guys is great, just got one here in Moore a year ago (hope it wasnt hit by the nasty ass twister that almost killed all my neighbors) and i love it. And this might sound weird, but I've had a pretty bitchin' burger from Sonic before.
  17. Fud Ruckers. You can get several different types of meat (I like the venison burger, but the veal burgers are good too) and any topping and cheese you can imagine, cooked however you want and with like six different bun choices.
  18. In N Out on Century Blvd near LAX. Sit outside, smoke in your car, and watch planes land eating a 4x4 with animal style fries :)
  19. The best burger I've ever had was a bbq burger from the hardrock cafe in Hollywood.

    Change the chocolate shake to a vanilla shake and then this is my second favorite burger and fries place and order.
  20. Burger Supreme.

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