Where To Vacation?

Discussion in 'General' started by STilladelph, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. My girlfriend and I are looking to vacation next month. Lookin to keep travel expenses + hotel at under $1,000.

    We're lookin for someplace new we've never been that has a lot to do, besides the beaches in the tri state area.

    I was thinking

    * Outer Banks, NC
    * York Beach, ME
    *Denver, CO
    *Portland, OR
  2. Are we talking just in the u.s?

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  3. Either Denver or Portland.  Denver seems nice because you get legal weed and then you can travel to beautiful ass colorado.  denver seems like a no brainer to me if it's an option tbh.
  4. Denver and Colorado are pretty awesome. It just depends if you wanna be near the ocean (potlrtland) . But yeah I agree Portland and Denver are the top options.

    Edit: have fun on your trip
  5. come visit lake tahoe!
  6. Of all those, id say Denver. Colorado is a beautiful state.
  7. Yeah US only we don't have passports.

    My girl is under 21 so tryinna find shit to.do besides bars
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    tons of fun shit wasnt broke

    Colorado love!
  9. I road tripped it to Denver w/ my old dealer a few years b4 he got raided and it was fucking awesome!

    We hit a bunch of strip clubs (hard to find ones that allow under 21). Went to a concert at the Red Rocks amphitheatre (must do if you decide on Denver). We toured the Coors factory in Golden which was pretty awesome and was free (I wasn't 21 so i couldn't drink the free beers but it was still interesting as fuck).

    Then we went to almost every head shop in the area, I picked up an incredibowl m420 :D. Also a dude working at one of the head shops hooked us up w/ a nice QP of 2 different kinds of high quality med. ganj.


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