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Where to smoke...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by qwertyd00d, May 16, 2011.

  1. I live with my parents, which would be a better idea, the side of the house or the park across the street? Also about what time would be pretty safe ya think? They're pretty light sleepers.
  2. Go outside. If they ask what you are doing tell them you are smoking weed?
  3. Both are outside. And that's the thing, they can't know.
  4. Park. Just be like im gunna go to the park or go for a walk or something.
  5. If you're worried in the first place, go across the street, you'll feel a lot better that way, being farther away from your house.
  6. i used to walk my dog around a huge nature park by the guilford county courthouse(where the battle was im not that stupid)

    beside ur house the smell will linger take that shit to the park.
  7. Thanks guys, good advice.
  8. This is like a walk at the park. Go for a walk at the park xD.
  9. But at the same time I feel the park is more sketchy cop-wise.
  10. Who the hell just "takes walks to the park"? Haha, my parents know for a fact I wouldn't just walk somewhere without a reason.
  11. Haha exactly.
  12. well lot's of things come into play here....depends on your parents etc...

    if it's not common for you to go outside and they hear you go out are they the type to call for you out the door lol...or are they pretty much do what you want?

    i mean not gonna list every reason but all you can do regardless is just go outside be as quite as you can and go blaze in the woods park w/e just hide in the shadows ....n cough light lol ....nothin to it....
  13. They'll be asleep. How long will the smell linger in the backyard? And how sketch will me smoking a j at a suburban neighborhood park past 11pm be? I know at least one cop lives in my hood.
  14. Just be mindful of curfew (if you're a minor). Keep a lookout for cars, and don't look suspicious, (hood up, hands in pockets, etc is suspicious). Stay on your property if possible, but if you can't then just walk in a quiet area where cops tend to shy away from.
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    Exactly, that's why the backyard is an option. I'm waiting 'til they're definitely asleep, so at least midnight. How long will the smell last because they wake up around 5am?

  16. Really? That's sad cause I love just taking a walk to clear my head. It's a great stress reliever for me.
  17. your just being paranoid just go out and blaze in your backyard far from the house as possible make sure nobody else can see you from window etc...and your good unless your peeps walk outside few mins after smoking and walk within 10ft of where you where smoking they won't smell it...they smell will only stay as long as your out there anyway.....there's something called....wind....that will take care of the smell for you ....light brezze or fast no worries go toke up .
  18. Lmao

    will the smell linger for 5 hours OUTSIDE?


    Not even 5 minutes. You're good anywhere outside. Maybe not under your parents open window but dont be a sketchbag
  19. If I'm smoking a j outside, anyway it'll reek into the house?
  20. #20 spulls, May 17, 2011
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    Nah, that's not worth worrying about. Go enjoy your weed and the night sky, lol.

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