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Where to smoke medical marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by stonerjoe420, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone I am new to these forums. I have a questions about where to smoke medical marijuana. I live in California and I have a medical card. I want to smoke marijuana (and also eat it from time to time, but mainly smoke or vaporize) but there is a problem. I live in a community of apartment homes so there are a lot of neighbors and people with their windows open, and if I step outside to smoke, I am within 1,000 feet of a school. I was thinking of maybe walking farther but if i get caught then i would get a marijuana possession charge because I am within 1000 feet of a school, not only that but it would be a lot of walking. I don't think smoking is allowed inside my apartment because of the smoke detector, but i could easily turn it off. I also have a balcony but the thing is that if the neighbors smell it they will most likely call cops and even though I'm not doing anything wrong it would be a nuisance for that to happen. So do you guys have any ideas on where to smoke? Are their vaporizers that cover the smell by any chance?

    • your apartment...<ul><li>MMJ is only allowed to be 'smoked' in private, not public...ya it happens, but you can get a ticket for using it in public...SO...stay home
    • FUCK the neighbors if they want to call the police for you using medical mj in your own home, or on your balcony, the cops will ticket THEM if they harass you this way.
    • The law doesn't stop you from toking in private even if you live next to the school...growing would be a problem though.
    • Vaporizers are much better but they do not hide smell, they just lack SMOKE smell...
 should know if the lease allowed you to smoke...if not, read the lease. If it says no smoking then buy a vaporizer.
    If it isn't your apt, do you live with the parents and are trying to hide it from them?
    That's true, but if police do come over by some chance, is it as easy as just showing the medical card? because i definitely would not want my apartment searched and for there to be a huge problem over this... and to answer your question, i live alone..
  4. I'm also pretty sure that in California it is possible to smoke outside, as long as it isn't within 1000 feet of a school or if you're on federal property like public parks.
    yepper...once they know you are legit, they can't do squat unless you allow them inside, so just show the card and paperwork if they knock.
    damn!!!!! so ca and you live alone, gads the cost...good luck... :smoke:
  6. Go on amazon right now and order a SmokeBuddy. Seriously. This will eliminate all your worries.
    I mean it. Go. Now.

    You can't hold no groove, if you ain't got no pocket.
    Both correct:

    That sounds like a good idea, do you know if it works with vaporizers?
  9. If you get a vaporizer your neighbors won't smell it. That being said, you have a medical card, so there's no legal reason to hide your smoking.
  10. it does, but you wouldn't need it.
    However, if you're worried about smoke, just spend $11 on the SmokeBuddy instead of around $60 on a decent vape

    You can't hold no groove, if you ain't got no pocket.
  11. I live in an apt in LA too and I think you're fine as long as you have your card with you

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  12. A 4" fan and carbon filter in a closed bedroom does the trick.
  13. Seriously just get a big garbage can fill it with pillows and drier sheets, make a hole on top and blow the smoke into it, take bong hits and burn some incense. Nobody will smell anything.
    Plus. OZIUM works great.
    Vapes are awesome.
    Cooking weed smells but it will disappear fast....
    That's all I can think of right now.

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  14. put a pet goat in your bedroom and smoke fat joints in there with the goat to cover up the smell.
  15. Vaporize and medical card. Sit on your couch and toke up.
  16. Ozium and a smokebuddy is all you need. Otherwise, invest in a vaporizer or find other ways to get high.

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  17. This is a sad story because you know some of the parents and teachers are popping uppers & downers, using meth and other bad drugs, drinking, ect. but here you can't even use your medicine within 1000 feet of a school.

    Be safe and use at home with a vaporizer. Cheers & good luck.

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