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Where to smoke?I’m the

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sploof911, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. So I’ve been wondering where to smoke, I have very few options: on the balcony, in the bathroom, or in my room with window. So I can sneak out on the balcony to toke, in the morning I think is the safest but if they open the balcony door to talk to me or make me do some shit I’m screwed when they see me with the joint in mouth.

    At night, it’s very high risk as my house is super quiet and parents are light sleepers, so I don’t think I can sneak at night to the balcony.

    In the bathroom it’s more convenient, but there is no window and a sploof doesn’t help. The smell will linger for like 8 hours, even if I shower and spray to Hell. I’ve been almost caught with the smell trying.

    In my room I have a window to blow out of but like the bathroom the smell will stay.

    I live in a dangerous area so going outside further than my balcony is kinda risky, any other ideas?
  2. Try vaping, discrete and no smell. Look up tincture. Good luck!

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  3. Good idea, I did buy some disposable e-cigs from amazon (they put tea in them) and I found out you can refill them, so I’m gonna put some dank stuff in it and vape in my room...

    But, I bought it for winter when I can’t go out and toke. I like smoking weed better, any other ideas?

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  4. If you have access to Dabs/concentrate, limited smell good bang for your buck.

  5. How old are you dude? Just go outside & smoke lol
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    Basically what you said yourself are your best options. I recently heard about “Smoke Buddy”. Apparently you blow into it and it creates zero smoke/smell, with little maintenance. I have no use for one, so I’ve never bought one. However I’ve heard they do wonders for covering smell, might want to look into that.

    Completely forgot to mention it as I seen someone else just recommended it below... Dab pen. That’s what most of the kids around my city do now, that’s your best option imo.
  7. As others said, we live in 2018 and you better just dab or get a cartridge.

    Tried smoke buddy and several other things when I was little.
    Ain’t gonna mask some DANK and that’s just the truth
  8. just get a fan and point it at the open window and smoke next to the window. light a candle and youre golden.
  9. How old are you op ?
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  10. If it is not so safe, i would choose cigarette. :smoke:
  11. Look up how to make a waterfall gravity bong. I smoked every single night out of that in highschool and left almost left no smell. Some tips before doing this though... 1. DONT turn on your air vent. 2. Do it while the shower is on so it's less suspicious and leaves less of a smell 3. Spray some type of air freshener after smoking 4. Clean up any evidence. This is the smartest way I've found not to get caught smoking and water gravity bongs conserve weed too. REMEMBER Do it while the shower is running.
  12. first of all, if you want to hide the smell, dont use joints or blunts or anything like that. like others said try vaping. if you dont have the stuff to vape then just use a pipe(or make a homemade pipe) and pack only enough weed for ONE HIT at a time. that way it doesnt stay burning and doesnt keep giving off smoke and smell.

    if you do that and blow the smoke out your window with a sploof and keep the window open for awhile to air the room out, you will be fine.

    so yeah, smoke in your room with the window open, use a sploof and spray and a fan to circulate the air in the room. just pack enough for one hit a time in a bowl.

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