where to put the fan?

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  1. I've heard and read mixed opinions on placing fans for air circulation in the grow room. I'm not talking about the exhaust fan that sucks air through a carbon filter. I'm talking about little oscillating fans that circulate the air in the grow room. My question is: Do we want the fans pointing directly at the plants or above/around/under them? If not directly at them then why not?
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    Circulation is needed for plants because it makes them build up strong stalks and bulk up, so it can actually hold the bud up. Ever seen a plant that didnt get good circulation? If you have, then you wouldn't be asking if it's needed. Just sayin. And you just want it blowing on them.pushing on them making tension. Remember the whole point of a grow room is to mimic nature so a plant can grow and flourish
  3. Thanks for the info dirty! This will be my first detailed indoor grow. My first was years ago and although I was using a 400watt hid light I didn't use nutes, and did not do as much research prior to the operation. So I'm learning everything I can before I jump in so that I know what to expect. So basically on the fan situation I've learned to have lots of air circulation without putting too much stress on the plants. Thanks again!
  4. I have my fan pointed at the wall right behind the plant. The air bounces of that wall and gently passes all throughout and around the plant.
  5. I have two small oscillating fans blowing across the canopy and two others at floor level blowing through the lower sections. Opposite sides of the tent so I get cross flow.
  6. Fluffy and Beach, both of your methods seem great. Thanks for the input! I have an Oscillating tower fan that pushes out a nice, yet gentle flow of air. I think I'll aim that towards the plants. It should create a nice bounce effect off all the walls as well.
  7. Just be careful. It's possible to give it to much of a good thing. If your fans are to powerful or there's to much air blowing on them(think in terms of hurricane winds to houses, just change a couple details) you can damage/kill a plant by just giving it a little to much love
  8. I hear ya brother. The fan I'm planning on using has a very gentle breeze, and that fact that it oscillates means that it should create some nice bouncing off the walls to permeate most of the grow area. I will make sure its not blowing too hard and such. Thanks for the info/concern! I'll let you know how it goes. Also I am going to be setting up a grow journal either today or tomorrow. I just received all my equipment for my setup. After every things in order I'll start the journal!
  9. I'll drop by and check it out when ya get it up and see if I can offer any help lol

  10. sounds good

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