Where to get water damaged macbook fixed

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  1. I would post this in sillicon (v)alley but it doesn't get much traffic and I'm looking for a quick answer.

    So I spilt water on my MacBook it worked for a while afterwards then just died on me. I took it to the apple store they asked for $800 to fix it, I told them to fuck off and I'll go somewhere else. Anyone know a cheap place to get it fixed?

    Im just a college kid so I don't really got that kind of money laying around. Any answers would be appreciated. thanks blades
  2. yeah i know how dude. you need to do this magical spell, and throw your macbook into the ocean.
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    [quote name='"Trefoil"']yeah i know how dude. you need to do this magical spell, and throw your macbook into the ocean.[/quote]

    Go fuck yourself troll

    --Calling people names isn't going to help your problem--
  4. best buy maybe. there's also specialized computer repair stores i think.

    maybe also google the problem and see if there's stuff you can do at home, like buying components to replace the water damaged ones or something
  5. buy a new windows laptop. seriously, apple will suck you dry (and not in the good way).
  6. Can. Not. Resist.

  7. Check out a local computer repair shop.
  8. This might sound dumb... but just give it time and don't do anything. Wait, I dunno, a week before acting.

    I've spilled water on quite a few electronics >.>', including a laptop. They all died on the spot. EVERY single one of them started working again though in following days. I don't know, it weirded me out since I figured it fried them.. but there's a solid chance yours could just dry out well and return to working fine

  9. :laughing:

  10. haha damn overlooked like dat one like a mofo :eek::laughing:
  11. best buys warranty cover water damage. i prefer their warrantys over apple, they usually cover alot more.
    if you dont have a best buy warranty try a smaller independent computer shop.
  12. Lol you used the computer right after you spilled on it?

    Should have turned it off, unplug power, then take out the battey.

    Let it dry, and just forget about the laptop for a few days then try again.

    If it doesnt turn on, its dead

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