Where to get the Wiz Khalifa rolling papers?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by zbro6, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I've looked everywhere, never seen them at any store and don't want to pay the $10-$15 on ebay or amazon for them.  Heard you can really only get them at one of his concerts?  Anyone that has ever smoked with them did you like them or?

  2. Theres nothing special about them other than his name. Why do you want them so bad?

    Just get some Raw Organic Hemp papers, same thing, alot cheaper
  3. Just papers I've always heard about/ friends have had and I just wanted to experience for myself.
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    nothing special about khalifa papers lmao
    like lux said, its all in the name. thats like people who want an iphone just because its an iphone, not because they actually like the features over other phones. anyway im high as fuck so im done here
    raws for life
  5. There is nothing special about "Wiz Khalifa" brand papers. Shit they are probably expensive just cuz on his name when we ALL know Snoop Dogg deserves promotion of this own products. 
  6. i onec had snopp papers. Didnt make much of a difference but id always feel like a g rollin wid em. lol. 

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