Where to get black 5 GAL.buckets

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ocitown, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Hey,found some black 5 gal. buckets to your door with lids for ~12.00 each,seems pricey since white ones are about half of that. Any leads???
  2. go to home depot and get the orage/white ones for like 5 bux (including lid) and get a 2.50$ can of black paint
  3. Discount=$4.95 and US =$5.65 And like i said i can almost walk there.I know i ordered from US and for 5 the shipping added $20.00-$25.00 and they cost .70 cents more. The lids ARE cheaper though,but the built in net pots in the DH lid ROCKS!!!I like the black ones and think they will keep the bag growth OUT more, but black buckets are harder to find.
  4. You are actually corect!! BUT i just found out they have two 5 gal. buckets,cheapos@$3.47ea. AND a HD one @ $5.65 each.I did get the heaver ones too.:D
  5. Well, yea of course lids w/ net pots built in rock... but they are usually $3-4 each.. making it almost a $7-8 / bucket.

    If you don't have Palsy, you can cut the holes for net pots yourself ;)

  6. Yea,just cut the holes with a circle cutter and i like when the grow is over i can toss the basket out and use a fresh one! That DH place is awsome man,had everything for bubble buckets(except 3/4" tubing).:D The pales DH has for $4.95 were the heavy duty ones.
  7. Well if you wanna waste money toss the net pots out... they clean up in like 20 seconds.
  8. Well since this will be my first grow i have not had the great pleasure spending the 20 seconds cleaning them. But now that you have enlightened me on economics and that easy growing tip, i will plan on doing just that.:D
  9. I would NOT recommend the heavy duty black buckets from www.USplastics.com as its nearly imposible to close this bucket and will ultimately require a lid removal tool which they also sell that you should not need.I now use the discount hydroponics buckets which were cheaper and i love them!!

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