Where to get activated carbon??

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  1. It's as simple as the title. Also, please don't recommend "hydro stores" as there are NONE near my area. I tried for weeks and couldn't find anything of the sort. I'm close to most major retail stores and home improvement stores.
  2. the internet
  3. Well, obviously I cannot buy things online for this or I would have already done that. Thats why I said it needed to be in a local store. Thank you for being a smart ass though, it's always appreciated.
  4. Either the internets or your local pet store should have what you need.

  5. Yeah thanks man. I just realized I could grab some at a petco or something. I wont need to worry about this for a few weeks, but wanna have everything done ahead of time. My plants only 2 weeks now ;):wave:
  6. you did not say it needed to be in a local store...you just said you couldnt find it in local stores
  7. Yea man, best to get everything in check before they start stinking. I'm in the process of building a filter myself, check out my Container Porn / DIY Filter thread, I bet you could think of something for your box using random stuff, rather than dropping the bucks on a H.D. style 6" filter that won't fit in your cab. Checked out your thread, reading it now. Only thing I can think of, is make sure that fan can handle the static pressure of a carbon filter. I'm sure you've got it covered, good luck!
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    It's really easy to find... My local Walmart stores have them in their pet department / aquarium section. It was $6 for 900 ml of carbon, way more than enough for a carbon scrub.
    Find it in a store near you link

    Also I know many pet stores carry it.
  9. walmart..easiest place. cheap too
  10. Ebay has it crazy cheap for bulk.
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    Yea I got a 5 gallon drum of it from a wholesaler for like $30.00 years ago. If you got a HD nearby you could also built the one in my sig :)
  12. Kitty litter works too ;)
  13. It is now almost May. You still don't need it haha:p
  14. Smoke is veggin' still... just like me. I started my baby in JANUARY! LOL. I'm The Veginator :cool:

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