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Where to get a scale?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silky, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,
    I've been looking all over for a small digital scale to weigh out grams and such. I've been to Stop and Shop, Shaws, Walmart, Home Depot and I'm having no success in finding one. Do any of you know of any places I can get one without buying it online? Thanks.
  2. local headshops have them, but they might get over priced. also try a craft store, like marshalls or hobby lobby. im not sure, but they might have them.
  3. #3 chi, Feb 17, 2009
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    Headshops or hobby stores should have them.

    Edit: Aw, got beat to it. :p

  4. $50 scales, ftl.

    I'll have to try a hobby store if I can find one... Thanks though!
  5. make one?
  6. ? How?
  7. i bought a pretty nice scale at a headshop today for $25. if you cant find one try online, like ebay or something.. :smoke:
  8. It's more a matter of explaining why I need a scale to my parents once it gets delivered here. And no there isn't a way of getting it around them.
  9. Why are your parents going through your mail? If you are 18 like you're supposed to be you are an adult and that is a felony.
  10. They won't go through my mail, but they will certainly question it.
  11. I got one from a local shop which sells tobacco, cigars, hookah, etc.... it was like 20 bucks and it gets the job done
  12. then just dont let them see the scale.....its not like they come in a box that says this is a marijuana scale on it....they send them in plain ol boxes
  13. Local head shops sometimes over price, but sometimes you can come out with a decent deal. Happy Shopping :smoke:
  14. Ebay send it to a safe addy thrn pick it up from the safe addy. I just bought mine off ebay for less than 20 shipped. pm and we can talk.
  15. ^^^ Ebay and PO Box.
  16. Why would you try and disguise a scale? There totally legal...

    There are tons of little privately owned gas stations around where I live that sell bongs, scales, etc.... Try and find one of those.
  17. Buy one off Amazon-- theres companys that sell them for Archery purposes (weighing arrows, etc..)
  18. you can even go to bed bath and beyond and get one. I got mine there for under 30 bucks, digital with batteries, and does grams, oz and all the conversions, including zeroing out bags, plates, etc.

  19. Over-the-top ridiculous suggestion:

    Tell your parents you are starting a stamp collection, and want to weigh your new postage, so you need a gram scale :)

  20. Mabe im missing something or?? But when did he say he needed to hide it from his parents :confused::confused:

    I think he just doesn't know where to buy one :p

    The bed bath and beyond one seems like a good suggestion though :rolleyes:

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