Where to find MFLB?

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  1. Are MFLBs only available online or would I be able to find one at a headshop?
  2. They are sold in headshops but they will be overpriced. You can get one on ebay for around $70..you will be paying over $100 in a headshop more than likely.
    This can vary from region to region.  I notice a trend in my city of head shops charging $129.99 for the kit which is only $10 above the MSRP of $119.99.  I'm not sure about the ebay $70 authenticity. From what I have read if they are charging under $120 they are not authorized dealers in which I would be skeptical of purchasing.
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    They are real MFLBs with real warranties. MFLB has a full lifetime warranty on all of their vapes, no matter where you bought it from. The sellers on eBay that are selling them for so cheap because they got a bulk deal on them from a vape shop going out of business or something like that. They are 100% real magic flight launch boxes with full warranty for $70-80.
    And yes, that is the manufacturer's suggested retail price, and that is what they sell them for on their site, but that is not the place to buy one, as many people will tell you.
  5. Sweet!  I'm gonna have to check those ebay ones out then.  Be able to save a good chunk of change over MSRP.
  6. Avoid White Rhino "Trifecta". It's crap. Which is unusual cause their "Sleek" model works so well. (But it's just for concentrates.)Sent from my private jet using Grasscity Forum

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